Less stress. More tress.
Hair extensions are great for a dramatic change, adding length, and also perfect for thinning hair.

Made of 100% real human hair, our extensions are tape-ins and they can be heat styled as usual with the rest of your hair. They are securely bonded to the hair and can easily be removed with our solution and re-taped when it is time for a touch-up. We use strategic placement to make sure that each guest receives their best/desired look and style, and we will also make sure you know how to take care of them when you leave the salon.

The various strand sizes make it possible to customize hair extensions for your individual hair type. As a bonus, your own hair is protected by the strands through the bonding process.

Hair extensions can last for several months, especially with a touch-up session every four-to-six weeks.

Our team of stylists will consult with you in the salon and take care of you from hair style planning and application to maintenance and removal to ensure your own hair remains strong and beautiful.

Bring your hair color and hair extension ideas as well as inspirational photos for your desired look. Together, you and your stylist will review options and find the best way to make you 100% satisfied with your hair. Plus, when you leave you’ll know how to reproduce and maintain the same look for your day-to-day life.